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Are you in the season of your life were God is calling you to be a Godly husband??Is she in the season of her life to be a Godly wife??You hint at a husband, He should be debarred and exposed for the louse that he is.That is putting it mildly My 16 year old daughter is currently in a relationship with this kid who will be 21 in April. Once he was comfortable around us at home, school and church his truer colors became obvious. He is immature, controlling/ abusive and has expressed himself profanely toward us, our neighbors and our church congregation. I'm praying for her lesson to be over sooner than later. Intellectually women mature faster than men when she reaches HER age of Maturity her ideas may change. and as long as its ok with her family who is going to press charges to even get you in trouble?What you are contemplating is a binding relationship Take it easy let the rose bloom leave the Bud to unfold, by itself. Pray for guidance and if all signals are green AFTER SHE MATURES. stuff everyone who thinks its wrong, the only thing that should matter to you is her! You see people everyday that has an even larger age difference. I have been with my boyfriend for almost eight months.Then You both will be thankful you waited and have stories to tell your GR Children. So just take a chance at it but make sure you check the age of consent for your state before trying to get into a relationship with her.Question should be why you're led around by nose by other people TELLING you that you should date her ...don't explain if she wants to date you only telling us everyone adores youyou seem a bit immature for a 20yo maybe thats why youre attracted to girls who are still in high school if socially inept with girls your own age without friends your own age to talk toa 15/16yo girl should be attending school hanging out with her friends going to school events studying and enjoying a carefree life before she becomes an adult5 years isn't an age gap but it is when you date a minorif you started dating adults then your fantasy should subside i think this is totally ok. It would depend on the girls emotional maturity ,even then you must remember she is under age and truthfully speaking,jailbait.I dated and married at 16 and my husband was 22,we have been together 52 years,but that was a different world back then and some of my friends married at 14 or 15. Pray for wisdom and if you date her,be willing to protect her and cherish her with respect.

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Consciously breaking a man-made law (that isn't in conflict with God's law) is contrary to the apostles' teachings.

Our household rules are enforced with a strict curfew. Knowing that once she is eighteen she can do as she pleases she'll be fine if we have done a good job instilling values into her. Explore the reasons why you want to marry this girl and If she will be agreeable 'then' NOT NOW. the only way they would even concider this case would be if her parents had some kind of problem with it.

The spiritual side must also be examined more closely than the physical side. look i dont think an age matters in any relationship.other people might think its a bit weird but if you love someone then date them! I think you should see what the age of consent is in your state and if she is at the age of concent then try it.

i think she liked him since she was 12 but if he liked her he didnt show any intrest untill she was of age and then waited till she was almost done with collage till they married.

hes a lawyer shes a teacher and they have a great marrage.Then, both of you will be adults and better able to make the wise choices that dating sometimes requires.