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Lisa was mere months from completing her training and becoming a full agent when an unexpected betrayal left her on her own.

Can she save her friends and home, or will she fall prey to the same forces that captured them?

In the end, final victory comes but not without sacrifice...

Depressed over relationship troubles, Katie perks up at the news that her favorite band, Symphonic Nebula, is in town performing.

A reunion with her older cousin Sylvia La Silvas cheers the young heroine up, especially when Sylvia decides to play matchmaker and get Katie and Jess back together.

Katie, having given up the life of a costumed heroine, has embraced her new life and focused on her new relationship with the woman she loves.

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But not everyone has forgiven the young ex-heroine.Recovering from his ordeal at the hands of Serpentina, Jimmy Frasier begins trying to put his life back together.