Asp net webservice not updating

20-Jan-2019 17:49

When the value is Nothing/null for the reference variable, that means it is not actually holding a reference to an instance of any object that exists on the heap. Net, you are trying to access a string that has not been initialized. You can’t even compile code like the following in C# Remember, a string is a reference type (a character array) that has to have a value.You either never assigned something to the variable, never created an instance of the value assigned to the variable, or you set the variable equal to Nothing/null manually, or you called a function that set the variable to Nothing/null for you. You don’t have to use the “new” keyword, but by default the value is Nothing/null.My end goal is to be able to call up items from a sharepoint list in a datagrid, potentially edit them, and then update them in the list.I had hoped to do this by using Get List Items and Update List Items.

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If I can't get this to work, is using the Query webservice (Dsp Sts.asmx) to get the list items and then Update List Items to update them an option?

I have also tried to test the Dsp webservice, but I have a similar problem - either my test variable are incorrect, or i am missing something (perhaps SOAP headers?

I have searched the web quite alot, and found a thread here to use a starting point.

The function I am using to call the sharepoint list service has these variables: I am having a difficult time trying to find out if this is the correct way to declare them to ensure a successful web service result.You will have to call server side function from javascript and use retrieved data to draw a google map.