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resetting the size and location of controls in code? I'm far happier with the trade-off of having my code in a standard module instead of in sheet as a click event. As I mentioned, this is a solution proposed by Microsoft for a different issue - where the buttons stop working after the Dec '14 updates are installed. When I print/print preview multiple sheets, all the sheets except for the first in the sequence have moved or resized objects.The only time I use the active X controls is when I need to change the text on the button or something like that. Width = 12 ' just making sure Next my Ctrl What I started doing a while back was to have a single sub that sets the size of all my controls. After much testing, the simplest solution in to page zoom up or down and return to the original setting.The only downside is that Excel won't respond to screen scaling, so things may look a little smaller than one would like. 3) After applying this hack, previously corrupted Excel files appear to fix themselves when you open them, with all controls recovering their original intended dimensions.On my Surface Pro 4 is more than acceptable NOTES: 1) Steps 2 and 6 are required with Excel 2016, because the Properties dialog for EXCEL. Please test and comment, I hope this can help someone, cheers! Sounds like a communication problem between Office and Windows development teams, dating back to the moment their release schedules diverged and they went into some bizarre form of competition. In my case, I could replicate it 100% on one file but it was inconsistent on a virtually identical file.There are also code-based ways to minimize the problem. I have had intermittent problems though after using print preview which Microsoft has posted a solution for here. The solution: For Excel, close the app and delete the file from while in the resolution that you want to view the buttons in. Note that this issue comes up often if you use W8 display scaling and have a high resolution laptop and older monitor.We tried resetting the location and size of buttons and controls when they were clicked (which adds a lot of tedious code if you have a lot of buttons). We also tried toggling the autosize property from true to false and back (this works manually in developer mode) and this fixes more instances, but not apparently all. You could also search for other files in your local App Data\Temp folder for other Office apps. Here, you may need to do it every time you change resolutions. I have found this problem across all objects (buttons,text boxes,etc).RANT: I've been experiencing this stupid problem since the dinosaurs.In the meantime, Microsoft have had plenty of resources to release countless major updates to the Office suite and yet this problem goes unaddressed. I have no reason whatsoever to upgrade when basic stuff like this doesn't work.

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Yesterday I had another problem with things misbehaving in another app called Traktor (DJ software), where controls would jump around when display scaling was set to a value that was not an exact multiple of 100%.

It was still occurring in Excel 2010 (happening to me May 2014), and is still occurring in Excel 2013 by some reports. Range("A1: F1") = Array("Name", "Left", "Top", "Width", "Height", "Bottom Right Cell") int Row = 2 For Each sp Shape In ws Form. Screen Updating = True ' Turn Screen Updating back on when you're done End Sub I had the problem also with Active X listboxes and found the following elsewhere and it seems to work so far, and it seems also the by far easiest solution that transfer along when handing the spreadsheet to someone else: "While the List Box has an Integral Height property whose side-effect of a FALSE setting will keep that control from going askew, and while command buttons have properties such as move/size with cells, etc., other controls are not as graceful." And they have some more advice: find that the problem only seems to happen when freeze panes is turned on, which will normally be on in most apps as you will place your command buttons etc in a location where they do not scroll out of view.