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I stayed at the cheapest motels I was comfortable staying (usually Red Roof's in my case). You can also look in In-Town suites, and other week-long places (around here they are 0-200/wk).Since it's temporary, it may be manageable for you.Oh, and my job is going bye-bye by the end of the year anyway.I've been considering moving to Portland for some time: most of my friends live there, there's more stuff going on there (small towns in Oregon really tend to lack stuff for a night owl like myself to do, since I don't like going to bars), there's a much bigger dating pool available, ect.It probably cannot be overestimated the value of someone in the organization, particularly someone in a responsible position, saying "Yes, X is a responsible, reliable person." Nothing unethical, just a simple endorsement of good value as an employee and strong unlikelihood of a major downside.Every once in awhile, you end up with the object of your affection between your legs. I first spied handsome, sexy Gunther* while hiking with my dog, Shaggy, in Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon Park.However, you are much closer to your potential jobs than my husband is, so it might not make much of a difference. Portland is a large city and you may find yourself living on one side and working on the other and that can also make for a long commute.

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We are moving this summer--I have a job in the new area (which is why we are moving) but my husband doesn't yet.

The other way - accommodation but no job - sounds more difficult to me. Portland is about 150 miles from my current location.

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