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It's true that I like cherry and almond, but as a fine fragrance? Fragrance is emotional, and that's my story when I can't explain things. It was introduced to me at a lovely seminar in downtown Toronto as a fragrance that characteristically "splits" into distinct wild cherry and almond.

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I tried it on multiple occasions, in colder months and warmer months, on skin and clothes.

As an aside, I find the sister fragrances confusing. This is a very feminine scent with vanilla and patchouli and some sweetness.

It sometimes has that edge of baby oil that tonka gets, but here it just feels girlish and doll-like and blends with the rose and tea scents.

The silliage can get a little loud a couple hours in and it sometimes feels a little cloying.

What sets this apart from other femme and girlish scents is the sour cherry. It's more cough drop than popsicle, but still red and artificial and a little syrupy. Tested this one today, longevity is very good, I applaud Guerlain for producing something that ACTUALLY lasts nowadays, when nothing lasts.

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