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30-Jun-2019 11:16

If a situation arises, parents can simply point to the car contract. Teenage driver contract Dear ____________________, Congratulations on earning your driver's license.

No need to revisit issues that have already been defined. We are proud of you, and confident that you have decades of safe, enjoyable driving ahead of you.

Sleepiness, emotional upset, loud music, an over-crowded car, being in a hurry, alcohol and/or other drug use, or dangerous road conditions do not constitute safe, prudent driving conditions. Alcohol and/or other drugs will not be permitted in my car, nor will they be consumed by any other driver with whom I am traveling. I promise to call home for a safe ride if I need it, no matter the hour.3. If, for whatever reason, they feel uneasy with my driving in a particular situation, there will be no argument.4.

Possession of a driver's license is a privilege and a responsibility, not a birthright.

They cooperate more willingly when they have input.

Parents and teens should read and discuss each component.

Sign and date it and treat the document seriously by posting it in a conspicuous spot. Hand the keys to you-know-who, spring for dinner and a movie, and stop for ice cream on the way home.

My grade-point average and attitude are directly related to my use of the car.

Therefore, a "C" average and my full cooperation must be maintained to keep my driving benefits.10.I promise not to talk on the car phone while the vehicle is moving.

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