Consolidating and accelerating exports in bangladesh world bank Free slut meeting sites no credit card needed

08-Apr-2019 15:08

consolidating and accelerating exports in bangladesh world bank-13

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One important outcome of Bangladesh’s unique growth pattern is that it has been successfully shaping the domestic market as a robust shield against various external economic shocks. Dissimilar to its regional counterparts, the economic growth of Bangladesh has not expanded the economic divide – rather the effects of the growth have been distributed evenly both in monetary and non-monetary forms.The result is a rising relative share of the middle-income segment along with a growing per capita income.Consequently, not only is the purchasing power of people increasing but also the consumer base is expanding.This strengthening domestic demand has been one big contributing factor in keeping the economy afloat even during difficult periods.According to the World Bank, the working age (15-64 years) population reached 64.2 percent in 2012, up from 53.9 percent in 1990.Within the same time period, the dependent population (below 15 or above 64 years) as a percentage of working age population has dropped considerably, from 85 percent to 54.53 percent.

This has made the country a unique proposition as a model for growth.

The government is keen on overcoming these deficiencies, as evidenced by its undertaking several huge projects aimed at wide-scale infrastructure development in the last few years.

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