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04-Feb-2019 13:02

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He was charming, sweet and flattering (though he would die if I repeated any of his chat), and as soon as there was an opening to ask me on a date, he took it.

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I said hello and she said “I swear I’ve met you before!

Then I saw two guys and a girl walking toward me—all wearing black jeans, R. Williams boots and leather jackets—and while they looked way too young, I thought I’d make one last-ditch effort.

RICHARD: I had just finished seeing Star Trek with some mates, and walking down Crown Street we found ourselves being catcalled. We thought it would be a bit of a laugh and besides, the host was hot!

I shouldn't have worried, because when we both got to the restaurant he said, "Hi, you must be Madeline.

Nice to meet you," loudly enough for everyone around us to know we were on a blind date! By the time we said goodbye to each other—at 8pm the next day—we were both doing a terrible job of not being too smitten.I was surprised to see a young woman standing on a balcony above us waving a bottle of wine. That night I "dated" two ear, nose and throat specialists, and even had a speed consultation on my deviated septum.

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On 24 April 2006 Sofiya asked me for money to purchase an air ticket, visa, passport, insurance etc with a total amount of ,845 USD which I paid via Western Union on . Then on whilst she was supposedly in Moscow collecting her visa from the Australian Embassy, I received an urgent email request (from an internet cafe apparently) for

He was charming, sweet and flattering (though he would die if I repeated any of his chat), and as soon as there was an opening to ask me on a date, he took it.… continue reading »

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,300 AUD to prove to the Embassy, her financial capacity to stay in Australia during the one month period.… continue reading »

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“I went on dates, but it was hard to find the right person,” said Tomlinson, a project manager for a tech company.… continue reading »

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