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Sounds not unlike those used in the film version of “War Of The Worlds” shriek over the rhythm occasionally, adding to the disquieting atmosphere. ) a simplistic sequencer rhythm, forever reaching out for the blackest stars, over which Edward’s voice soars and swoops with admirable dexterity.

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Side one finishes with "Lilith’s Daughter”, a moody, slow rhythm not unlike TALKING HEADS’ slower, atmospheric stuff, or something from BOURBONESE QUALK’s “My Government Is My Soul”.I knew it should be over, but my heart was racing and I had to slow it down. I stopped shaking involuntarily and finished the final moves, reaching the anchors I’d been to so many times, but this time was different. On Wednesday, June 25th, I redpointed China Doll, 5.14 R on gear.I’d been working on this route for just over a year, putting in roughly 70 attempts- my longest project to date.Launching into the upper crux of my long-term project, my sympathetic nervous system took over. It was key to get the first finger-lock just right, if not I’d slip out before I had a chance to get pumped.

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I wiggled my right middle and ring fingers into the small seam until I thought they might break and took a deep audible breath, preparing for battle.

The first is a 5.11 bolted climb with little to no gear options, and the second a 13c bolted crack. Bob Horan snagged the FA of the 13c using bolts in the mid-90s, Adam Stack freed the 13d as its own pitch in 2002, and Mike Patz claimed the first ascent in 2007 for the full China Doll in trad fashion.

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