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There are a number of different dates and explanations about how the Solomon Islands was first settled.

It is thought by some that ancient peoples may have arrived into parts of the Solomons as early as 25-30,000 BC after very slowly dispersing through South East Asia.

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However, the earliest date of known human habitation has been put at 1300-1000BC from carbon dating remains that were found in a cave on Guadalcanal.

Indigenous Solomon Islanders have their own origin stories, differing between tribes and islands but commonly indicating that they originated from within the islands rather than arriving from somewhere far away.

In 1998, tribal rivalries erupted into armed conflict, prompting Australia, New Zealand and other Pacific Island neighbours to step in and negotiate peace and security.

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It is said that he named the country Isle de Solomon after the riches of King Solomon and the biblical land of gold.A rise in nationalist sentiment following WWII eventually led to the country's independence in 1978.World War II and its aftermath had a significant impact on the islands and people.Many of the media sources are speculating that this beautiful looking news anchor involve her in some more work.

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