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Because she was active, always busy in the camp, often carried heavy burdens, attended to the household duties, made the clothing and the home, and prepared the family food, the woman has been depicted as the slave of her husband, a patient beast of encumbrance whose labors were never done.

The man, on the other hand, was said to be an loaf, who all day long sat in the shade of the lodge and smoked his pipe, while his overworked wives attended to his comfort....

When taking a look into their interesting beliefs, it is obvious to see an intricate basis or animals and spirits that guide the lifestyles of Indians all over the country.

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[tags: tribal and federal law on sex crimes] - With Native Americans being the first inhabitants of North America, many people often question what traditions they have created on their own, before the ideas of the pale settlers.

[tags: American America History] - Maria Tallchief was an inspirational Native American woman for all people to look to as a role model. However, by growing up in an Osage family, she had to endure hardships, like bullying, that no child should ever go through.

Her dreams, on the other hand, took her places when she got older.

Even with new laws signed into place by President Obama to deal with the rape and abuse problems to Native American women, that come from non Native Americans, the problem with this is it’s a pilot only on three tribes (Culp-Ressler,1). [tags: native americans, domestic abuse, tribes] - People had already been living in America long before the white man ever “discovered” it. Most of them had lived peacefully on the land, for hundreds of years until the early 1800s when white settlers began their move west.

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As these white settlers came upon the Native Americans, they brought with them unwavering beliefs that would end up causing great conflicts with the Native people, who had their own set of values.

This past scarred the Native American’s preservation of culture as many were discouraged to speak the native language and dress in traditional clothing....