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Walker built his national fame on the twin planks of turning his state's budget shortfalls into surpluses and beating back a labor union-led drive to force him out of office. Trump, the host of 'Celebrity Apprentice,' could self-fund an entire campaign without spending a life-changing portion of his net worth.He has loudly criticized President Obama and claims he can negotiate with foreign governments better than anyone else.Paul embraces positions that are at odds with most in the GOP, including anti-interventionist foreign policy, criminal drug sentencing reform for African-Americans and limits on government electronic surveillance.

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Perry was a top-tier candidate in 2012 until his 'Oops!

Her grocery and pharmacy trip may be remembered as the moment the Bush household quietly acknowledged Jeb was running for the White House Mrs.

Bush's bumper also sported a campaign sticker for her son George P.

In the poem, my grandfather re-imagines the moment of his mother’s capture in a slave raid in southern Sudan.

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Though he himself had been born in Khartoum – inheriting his father’s name and elite status as well as his religion (Islam) and his language (Arabic) – he was open about acknowledging his mother’s slave ancestry. Among northern Sudanese families, especially around Khartoum, slavery was and continues to be a taboo subject, because to acknowledge slave descent in one’s bloodline is to acknowledge one’s lineage is “tainted”.

Their daughter Chelsea is marreid to investment banker Marc Mezvinsky, whose mother was a one-term Pennsylvania congresswoman in the 1990s.

And at the same time, you know, you’re going up for so many other projects.… continue reading »

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