Dating someone who is schizophrenic internet dating for lesbians

16-Feb-2019 16:12

It's like expecting someone with a badly broken leg to walk it off. IME, most schizophrenics may notice a mood shift, and if they've had it for a long time before, they can identify the voices or visions as not being heard by other people, but they don't notice the disorganized thinking.They simply think the people around them are acting weird, or thinking stupidly.I can remember times when I was out of control, and I can remember how I felt, at the time, like I was acting appropriately for a given situation.Looking back objectively, it is clear my judgment was impaired.Fast-forward to my friend in her early 30s, when she starts suspecting that people are watching her and plotting against her, even her own husband.Her terror becomes so great that she got in her car and fled halfway across the state, before finally stopping and out of desperation calling her husband, trying to explain that everyone was conspiring against her, even him, but it just didn't make any sense to her and she trusted he wouldn't hurt her.

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What if the docs can't find whetever is going to work this time?

I'm not sure if it's a smart move but wonder if I can talk any sense into him?