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20-Jun-2019 06:13

Dear Teach Cal, A word of encouragement to offset the profound wisdom above (wink wink): My DH is 5 1/2 years younger than I. I mention that as I too, was approaching 30 when I met the man of my dreams. If your looking for someone open minded or a little unique, you MIGHT find them at a&m, but it would be hard. I know several happy graduate students to come out of A&M. The community is conservative and family oriented..those who are married. I love it here and it is a great place to raise a family and have a career.

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I think you should seriously consider it, at least checking it out. My good fortune is something I thank God for daily. They have an intense school pride, to the point of delusion. If you like conservative, traditional, predictable, then this is your place. I now live and work in College Station and still have strong ties to the University. I've seen many of my friends (both male and female) find a spouse at A&M.

“I just thought I want to raise my kids similarly to the way I was raised.” Wolf, 29, said that many of the people he has met through JDate feel the same way.