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Born to a family of low status in Dalmatia, Diocletian rose through the ranks of the military to become Roman cavalry commander to the Emperor Carus.After the deaths of Carus and his son Numerian on campaign in Persia, Diocletian was proclaimed emperor.From at least 297 on, imperial taxation was standardized, made more equitable, and levied at generally higher rates.Not all of Diocletian's plans were successful: the Edict on Maximum Prices (301), his attempt to curb inflation via price controls, was counterproductive and quickly ignored.Pacific Coast News is a leading entertainment and news agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York, New Orleans, Miami and London, the hot-beds of the global entertainment industry, providing images of news and celebrity stories to media outlets throughout the world, including America, Canada, Europe, Asia and Australia.Our photographic and editorial team produces quality celebrity images for internationally-famous publications as well as news stories covering topics such as crime, breaking news and human interest.In spite of these failures and challenges, Diocletian's reforms fundamentally changed the structure of Roman imperial government and helped stabilize the empire economically and militarily, enabling the empire to remain essentially intact for another 150 years despite being near the brink of collapse in Diocletian's youth.

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Diocletian secured the empire's borders and purged it of all threats to his power.From April 1st 2016 we will be switching to a new HTML based delivery system for contributors to upload content to Pacific Coast News.The HTML uploader is available to be accessed at web.Carinus quickly made his way to Rome from his post in Gaul as imperial commissioner and arrived there by January 284, becoming legitimate Emperor in the West. The Sassanid king Bahram II could not field an army against them as he was still struggling to establish his authority.

By March 284, Numerian had only reached Emesa (Homs) in Syria; by November, only Asia Minor.

Building on third-century trends towards absolutism, he styled himself an autocrat, elevating himself above the empire's masses with imposing forms of court ceremonies and architecture.

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