Did rashida jones dating john krasinski

23-May-2019 20:29

costars John Krasinski and Rashida Jones are dating again—more than two years after the couple enjoyed a brief relationship in 2005.

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Jon Favreau is mostly known to the public not only as Rashida Jones boyfriend but also as a speechwriter for the president of the United States, Barack Obama.

Phyllis [Smith] is hilarious – she pays her bills online, in the background,” the actress reveals.

“She brings in these stacks of papers and you see her over there, clicking on her bank.

, isn’t sure their characters would have become the fan-favorites they are if he hadn’t been chosen to play her husband.

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“I was paired up with John often and I thought this was good because he was my favorite Jim,” Fischer explains of the final round of eight actors – four Pams and four Jims – on Thursday’s episode of .The first time Rashida Jones met John Krasinski was on the set of the TV show “The Office” where they both were acting.