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17-Mar-2019 07:42

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I am just now in the process of converting a large application from the BDE to DOA, so I don't yet have my full bag of tricks, but I really like DOA.

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One camp is arguing that we should not be using SQL but calling procedures to add, amend and delete records, the other camp (Ok me :) ) is wondering is this is worthwhile as this is the job that SQL was designed to do in the first place.

-- Wayne Niddery - Win Wright Consulting RADBooks - You have a Right to Free Speech, but not the right to make me listen, nor to use my property as a soapbox. Whilst I accept that there are general benefits of using stored procedures, I see life being far easier for normal database updating using either a procedure that returns an updatable cursor or plain old SQL (I would like all the SQL to be centralised and not in the client however).

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