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Although she did not buy any of the designer outfits she has got plans to purchase fairy costumes made by the same team for our three little granddaughters! Tuesday June 14th - More about the future both within our Company and the local community The Industry Committee met today to finalise its new approach to outreach to different sectors of the Trade and its working environment - more of this will become clear at our Common Hall on July 19th.

As our meeting drew to a close I joined the Mistress, who was waiting for me to journey to the church of St Leonard Shoreditch for an early evening concert.

Thursday June 16th - Master’s Outing to Bomber Command Memorial.

The skies were clear over London – no bombers in the air today, as a group of fellow Liverymen and their guests headed towards Green Park to view the stunning memorial to our brave airman who died in combat.

Whilst I ate my scrambled eggs with the Master Stationer Mrs Helen Esmonde, I reflected that ballots and elections can be very strange things.

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At this point the Mistress and I met up at the OXO Tower for a tasting session for the Court Dinner – always a great culinary delight!There was a march past of retired and serving soldiers as we listened to the National Anthem and the speeches given by the Mayoral Party.