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Elite Yale and Skull and Bones graduates: Former Secretary of State John Kerry, William F. Sarah Porter, the daughter of a minister, founded the school in 1843 and hoped to make those girls 'good Christians, and good wives and mothers'.

The point of being rich was you didn't have to work but you must exhibit your wealth by wearing fancy clothes.

From Exeter's point of view, it would have been more convenient if he had killed himself', writes the story's author Jesse Kornbluth.

The following morning Bateman was fired and ordered out of his apartment within two weeks and barred from school property.

It wasn't the first time Miss Porter's was caught up in scandal.

In 1976, one seemingly overweight girl from the Midwest, came to Miss Porter's three months pregnant, with the school none the wiser.

It was an island of correctness with little human contact outside of those gates – until senior Tatum Bass wasn't feeling the love in 2009.

C when the Greek orator Demosthenes died and she returned and took up residence with the Yale Club in 1832.

All members use the number 322 as a code for something important in their lives and at meetings, sing 'sacred anthems' about her.'Perhaps the most prevalent rumor about Bones is that initiates must lie naked in a coffin and masturbate while recounting their sexual histories', according to writer, Alexandra Robbins.

This New Hampshire powerhouse had an unblemished reputation up until now.

A media orgy followed a New York Times story that declared the raid found videotapes showing 10 former Exeter boys nude or involved in sex acts, a charge that was untrue but Bateman was convicted in the press and by parents shocked that a pedophile gained access to the exclusive group of students.

Suddenly bleeding, she was taken to the infirmary where she confessed what happened.

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