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25-Jul-2019 05:30

It is not necessarily permanent; even if it is, there could still be a partial comeback. This can sometimes be caused by a combination of Mis-blamed and hubris.The original good productions were a team effort, but one guy took all the credit and was recognized as the sole genius behind the work.

They're obviously aiming for realism in the cities that they make for this "era", so it may be likely that taxis like the ones shown above will be present.

It would also be nice to have some rare cars from GTA 4 like the pinnacle and ingot and fortune, but alot more common.

Also a btter system for storing cars, one where you can store alot and do not have to return them to the parking space.

Hopefully there's a civilian version of the Crown Vic based taxi as well.

Not really sure why they didn't have one in GTA IV, especially when the Merit and Minivan were featured alongside their taxi counterparts. Los santos will be three times the size of liberty city and will have a large country side. As much as I hate to say, realistically I highly doubt that this game will be released by October of this year, just because there are random dates on the Vehicle Plates, does not mean that is the release date, I'm sure that Rockstar games will be working very long, and hard on this game, to make it much better than the first, I expect it to be released some time in 2013.-The game may include pets, female ploice officers, airships/blimps, etc.