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Northampton is part of the Springfield Metropolitan Area, one of western Massachusetts's two separate metropolitan areas.

It sits approximately 19 miles (31 km) north of the city of Springfield.

The Pocumtuc confederacy occupied the Connecticut River Valley from what is now southern Vermont and New Hampshire into northern Connecticut.

The Pocumtuc tribes were Algonquian and traditionally allied with the Mahican confederacy to the west.

Northampton was part of the Equivalent Lands compromise.

Its territory was enlarged beyond the original settlement, but later portions would be carved up into separate cities, towns, and municipalities.

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The Mahican confederacy had been defeated by 1628, limiting Pocumtuc access to trade routes to the west.

The situation in the region further deteriorated when the Mohawk people escalated hostilities against the Pocumtuc confederacy and other Algonquian tribes after 1655, forcing many of the plague-devastated Algonquian groups into defensive mergers.