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I can feel her crawling on top of the bed where I lay, only a thin bit of cloth separating the two of us. I try to move, try to push back, but still my body refuses to make the slightest concession to my will.Fear - along with something else - swells in my chest, my heart beating tremendously as I'm trapped beneath the horned woman's embrace.The Blackmere Society as they should be, four warriors, hunters who can face the wickedness beneath us and face it without flinching. Not this preposterously stupid girl who learned a few spells and thought she could make a difference. "Rest," a high-pitched voice I'm unfamiliar with, almost a soft trill, comes from my side. so tired." My breath catches in my throat, and I try to turn my head, succeeding only in tilting the direction of my eyes toward the voice's source. Behind her I can see a tail, long and sinuous; narrow, like that of an eel's.I do not belong among these people - but it shall not matter for long. " I hear a voice, indistinct, almost inaudible among the unearthly din of that creature's voice. Crouched by my side, perhaps a yard away, is a woman with wine-red skin, small horns, and wet black hair, though she speaks with a very different voice than the one I first heard out of those gently-parted ebony lips. It sways and lashes behind her in excitement, anticipation of something. " My words are stolen away when I feel the creature's lips press into mine, holding them for a long moment, her face pushing into mine a little harder than is comfortable, like she has only ever heard of a kiss, but not seen one.

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I swallow hard, and my gaze meets hers, and she knows my expression. She can see that I want her, and I cannot tell to what degree she knows she is different than I am.

"You..." she whispers, nibbling my lower lip again, beginning to draw downward, crawling nimbly down my figure and taking the sheet with her, exposing one of my breasts, then the other, causing a deep flush to blossom on my face. me." I don't know what she means, but I don't have a chance to ask as the sanguine beauty caresses her hands down my exposed sides, lowering her face to my breast and nuzzling into it tenderly.