03-Jul-2019 12:28

There is one major area for brothels but there are many more around.

One of the great things about the nightlife here is that since it is such a new mongering destination there isn’t a lot of info on the place yet.

There is a really nice boardwalk here and there will be prostitutes strolling it throughout the night.

If you are looking for ladyboys in Havana then Malecon is also the place to go.

Like in many poorer countries around the world you can never be sure if that girl you are dancing with in the great Havana nightlife likes you or likes your wallet.

Just remind them that you have been there before and know the deal and try to negotiate down to - and most will take it.As more and more foreign men travel here the info will come and more sex guides like this will pop up.For now all that can be done is point you in a few directions and hope you can figure it out from there.One thing we are sure of is that you should try to stay in el Centro on or near San Rafeal.

This will have you right in the heart of the great Havana nightlife. Use the various dating apps or even Facebook to make contacts.We all know about the tumultuous history and that for many years few foreign men dared to go there, and for good reason.

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