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I'm not one to wear jewellery - but it's a statement piece.'When it comes to weddings, Bec says she would be happy to elope, but Mike is clearly one for doing things on a bigger scale.

'I'm quite happy to elope - I don't need anything big or fancy, but Mike's the sort to like a good party with all his mates around, so we'll talk about something,' she said.'I love Mike so much, and I can't believe he has done this - it's the most amazing proposal ever.

Of course I was so in love that I didn't even take precautions and the next thing I knew I was pregnant.

Oh, he wasn't the first or only man I had sex with but he was definitely the father of my child.

Only Mike's eldest daughter, Lani, knew about his plan, and helped him to organise her siblings.'She had tears in her eyes when Mike was proposing,' Bec said.

Bec said she was astounded by the size of the ring, which she joked was 'weighing her hand down'.'I've got really tiny hands so it's even bigger,' she joked.'It's a lovely ring - I'm a bit worried about the cost of it with losing it and it falling off.

But he's my son and I'm so proud of him that I even used to be so stupidly envious whenever I saw him with any girl.

Oh, there were a couple of other people he really trusted as he grew up and developed; my parents, who were so supportive of us both.

And on Thursday night, he locked it in during an extravagant surprise proposal, which included an ad screened at Pacific Fair cinema and an ,000 ring.It's the story of how I found love again, refreshed my libido and started a whole new life too but I need to do some explaining first... I'm a fairly normal lady, sweet and innocent and all that and I was once in a relationship with a guy who got me pregnant and then left in a hurry when he found out.In those days I was young and stupid and one night I gave in to him, a man who I fancied like anything.And looking back, I wouldn't have changed anything; well, not much anyway...

So now and still being young - well in my mind, at 38 I still AM young - with a nineteen year old son it's great - we can see eye to eye - we manage not to fall out and we make quite a good team.

But the guy is of no consequence now nor in this story except to say that by the time I was 20 I was a new and single mother, learning the hard way how to get along alone, how to bring up my son alone, how to scrimp and save and to do without - but I managed.