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My first serious relationship was full of avoidable mistakes and disasters that one might charitably call “learning experiences” because I had no fucking clue what I was doing.But as much fun as it is to get lost in the rush of that initial infatuation, you have to be careful.The only difference is that people who’ve had other relationships have the experience to guide them through the rough patches.That first relationship can be tricky because you’re basically groping in the dark.See, much like the popped-collar Broseph who’s convinced that doing “Straight Out of Compton” at the Applebees karaoke night is a good idea after five Tuaca bombs, when you’re in the throes of your first relationship, your common sense tends to go right out the window. Those early glory days fade faster than you realize.

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1998-2002 Cat Deeley led the children’s program SMTV Live spin-off show CD: UK. In addition she was leading Fame Academy on the BBC and the awards ceremony BRIT Awards in 2004.

2001-2006 Cat Deeley dated businessman Mark Whelan.