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15-May-2019 14:48

I was going to give her back what she gave me last Saturday morning.

My father would come home after 8pm every day but Sundays.

I hadn’t told my mother anything and I wasn’t going to.

We got back a little bit late but I ran back to the house. When I got to her bedroom door it was almost closed but not completely.

By now if she was on her usual schedule she would be fast asleep. I pushed the door a few inches and peeked in the room. She was lying on her back with my underwear in her hand with her legs spread.

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I got closer and took off my shoes and clothes except my underwear.

I just held myself from jumping on and taking them in my mouth. I had to release but I didn’t want to leave the room. I walked silently to my father’s office and brought back his digital camera. I left back to my father’s office and loaded the photos on a CD-r and printed a close-up. But still you must not abuse yourself.”“if I was dad I would want to have sex with you every day”“T? ”“Nothing mom I just think you are a very beautiful woman.”“Look son, at the beginning we used to have sex with your father very often but the older a man gets his sex drive falls.

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