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To that we present the following as evidence that the modern prophets and apostles still teach the story of Noah as a literal story involving a global flood (emphasis added): January 1998 Ensign Still other people accept parts of the Flood story, acknowledging that there may have been a local, charismatic preacher, such as Noah, and a localized flood that covered only a specific area of the world, such as the region of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers or perhaps even the whole of Mesopotamia.

Yet these people do not believe in a worldwide or global flood.

Both of these groups—those who totally deny the historicity of Noah and the Flood and those who accept parts of the story—are persuaded in their disbelief by the way they interpret modern science.

They rely upon geological considerations and theories that postulate it would be impossible for a flood to cover earth's highest mountains, that the geologic evidence (primarily in the fields of stratigraphy and sedimentation) does not indicate a worldwide flood occurred any time during the earth's existence.

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In addition to the claims and teachings of the leaders of the Church, many LDS-specific scriptures verify that many of these things are literal events.

The details in the story of the flood are undoubtedly drawn from the experiences of the writer.

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