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I can’t do those crazy group activities where a trainer is screaming in your face – that doesn’t work on me. Even if I have nothing but a really shit hotel gym to work out in, as long as I’m doing it, it keeps me in the right frame of mind – it’s mostly mental.

There’s a certain amount of confidence that you have to have when you’re on stage, so if you look good or feel good about the shape that you’re in, then you’ll do better.

"I thought it would have been 'Iris,'" he said, "But there is a song called 'Better Days,' which, actually, more people have listened to that song than 'Iris,' which I thought was really weird." So he was coaxed to sing a few bars.

John Rzeznik has been in the music business since the ’80s, and with 12 million album sales under his belt, he’s still relentlessly touring and putting out new music.

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Then I get together with a producer or my writing partners and we try to take the ideas to the next level. If you could co-write or collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose? Like, okay, a bunch of male models are going to pass judgment on something that someone who really has talent has created and sweated over? It’s like, “I dare you guys to try and create your own material. But for some reason that scene in that movie just annoyed the shit out of me.He's been the lead singer of the Goo Goo Dolls for 30 years, but John Rzeznik still gets nervous in certain situations. If I don't have a guitar, I'm, like, a mess." The musician said that before performances he warms up his voice by singing vocal scales. We have the best fans in the world." Goo Goo Dolls released an EP called tour from July through September.