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The men continue hiking up the mountain due to Croft’s orders, even though many men view it as a hopeless cause.Later, Roth dies while attempting to make a jump on the mountain’s edge.Overcome by panic, he runs out of his foxhole and is killed by a grenade.Part One concludes with this death, which alarms many of the men, since for many soldiers Hennessey’s death is the first comrade death they witness. General Cummings has a soft spot for Lieutenant Hearn, the only officer he can relate to intellectually; they have many discussions together.Back from their mission, they learn that the battle for the island is almost won.Surprisingly, the ruthless Croft seems to be relieved that he was unable to climb the mountain. He is rather disappointed that the victory was too easy (it came as a result of exhaustion of Japanese troops), and that he cannot take the credit, as Major Dalleson, who acted as his deputy for a day, won the battle just by obeying established procedures.

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It was hard to breathe and his limbs kept falling asleep.” Thus, in this instance, the soldier is losing grasp of his bodily functions and simply going through the motions of being a “soldier”.The novel is divided into four Parts: Wave, Argil and Mold, Plant and Phantom, and Wake.