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25-Feb-2019 14:06

now marcus was really cute so of course i said yes. This story comes out of a reply to a comment in another story, but it’s worth a chuckle.

One afternoon during the summer when I was 13 I was home alone and a couple of friends came over.

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Is it OK for a husband and wife to masturbate together?

So after the meeting I decided to take a drive in the country, my family owns some land that runs down by a small creek.

It is very secluded and is just a beautiful spot to get away and think...

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I got so excited i took it back to my room, i got undressed and started to suck on the *****. Jen is a very attractive, she is about 5'4" with blonde hair half way Down her back and has greyish blue eyes. Well today when my friend was over I was laying down the flirts heavily.The Egyptians, for example,celebrated masturbation as the process by which the sun god, Atum, created the first Adam and Eve equivalents, Shu and Tefnut.