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Nor has it demonstrated a gift for good government.But the enfeeblement of Congress, which is now hunting for leadership among the fourth generation of the Nehru family, may force Muslims to start looking elsewhere.No one among a group of Muslim students I spoke to at Azad College admired the party.The Rahman Committee had recommended an 8 to 10 percent reservation for Muslims in Maharashtra. The RSS chauvinists, who dream of a Hindu-dominant India, adore him as their champion. ” The notorious icon-smasher destroyed only a handful of temples, and those usually for plausible military reasons.Let us know what we can change or add and we’ll do our best.Thanks for your continued support of TNAWrestling!

The show begins with scrolling text in remembrance of September 11th.India s democracy, like America s, is better at mobilizing aggrieved minorities to block proposed policies than it is at forging political consensus around needed reform dating muslims america.

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