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Pictured is Angela's 1999 mugshot Her parents’ separation had been messy and soon she found herself being welcomed by a new family, ones who were equally angry, who welcomed the intensity of her fury.She was 15 and soon enough she was indoctrinated into their lifestyle.So when I was treated with kindness and compassion, it was like being disarmed.I wasn’t prepared for that.’Angela King, pictured, is a former far right extremist who spent eight years in various violent, far right groups.

I wouldn’t change it.‘I would absolutely change what I did to hurt people, but I wouldn’t change going because if I hadn’t have had those human experiences I would probably be dead right now or I’d be serving life in prison because that’s the track my life was on.We always strive to find the best genuine military issue surplus available.We guarantee that our used items are in good, excellent or near-new condition.Now Angela is 41 and advocates against hate groups, works to prevent vulnerable young people from joining them and helps people who are trying to leave their gangs and change their lives.‘I have a lot of people that I’ve apologized to for things I did to them. It is opening up my closet of skeletons and having to relive the worst moments of my life, but I feel like it has to be done because I would rather deal with the emotional trauma of it than to see one more at-risk young adult go through the same thing. This Medusa was on the inside of her upper left arm and she did it herself because she was interested in mythology.

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And I probably will be apologizing for the rest of my life and I’m okay with that because so many times we don’t get to apologize for things that we’ve done to harm other people.’Soon after being released Angela started speaking about her experiences and by now she has told her story hundreds of times to thousands of people.‘It’s hard. It takes an emotional, mental physical toll on me every time I share my story, but I feel like I have to share it.‘No matter how much it hurts me, I have to continue telling my story. She incorporated the Norse rune Othalan over the forehead, which means 'homeland' or 'inheritance'.We have a store front @ 4515 Bishop Ln B, Louisville, KY 40218.