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02-Apr-2019 18:32

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While these might be embarrassing for some, they’re perfectly legal so you shouldn’t have any insecurities about your bank seeing them on your statement.

While honesty and transparency is usually the best policy, if you really want to hide your credit card purchases from your partner, we spoke to personal shopper Sarah Donges about some of the tricks people use to hide theirs.

For instance, a .95 instantly becomes ‘about ? A few great ones are that they paid for it, but it was the only one left in their size.

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A client of mine, Meg, explained that she hides items in her car, even if she bought it that day and her partner often says that ‘he hadn’t seen that before it must be new’.After shopping with hundreds of people I would like to share some of my favorite ways clients hide their purchases. A professional woman in need of a number of items in her wardrobe.

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