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A political system is a framework which defines acceptable political methods within a given society.

History of political thought can be traced back to early antiquity, with seminal works such as Plato's Republic, Aristotle's Politics and the works of Confucius.

Sovereign power may be vested on an individual as in an autocratic government or it may be vested on a group as in a constitutional government.

Constitutions are written documents that specify and limit the powers of the different branches of government.

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Furthermore, politics is the study or practice of the distribution of power and resources within a given community (this is usually a hierarchically organized population) as well as the interrelationship(s) between communities.

Kings, emperors and other types of monarchs in many countries including China and Japan, were considered divine.

Of the institutions that ruled states, that of kingship stood at the forefront until the American Revolution put an end to the "divine right of kings".

The greatest of the king's subordinates, the earls and dukes in England and Scotland, the dukes and counts in the Continent, always sat as a right on the council.

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A conqueror wages war upon the vanquished for vengeance or for plunder but an established kingdom exacts tribute.

The word comes from the same Greek word from which the title of Aristotle's book Politics (Πολιτικά, Politika) also derives; politika means "affairs of the cities".

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