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16-Mar-2019 15:58

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The first guy I responded to, sk8terdude25, asked me my age and location.I figured this was harmless so I responded by telling him I was 16 and from southern California.Seeing as I was home alone I decided to enter the home alone chat room…I would have never imagined what happened next.The conversations started out normal enough there were plenty of boys in the chat room asking to talk to females so, being a female, I replied to a couple of the more normal sounding screen names.He told me I had to promise to do it no matter what and I agreed because he seemed nice.Okay Raquel I want you to first tell me what kind of panties are under your leggings and then take your leggings off.I still had my heels on from work, a black lace bra, a black cami and v neck sweater. I said thanks, but it’s getting late and I should go to bed.He asked me if I’d do him a favor before I went to bed and I said sure.

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John told me to slide a finger into my tight slit and start to masturbate. I slowly worked a second finger in and began to furiously finger fuck my pussy.

All of a sudden I screamed and my juices flooded my hand and the floor.

The intensity of my orgasm combined with my tiredness caused me to fall asleep right there on the floor in a puddle of my own cum.

As I mentioned, I’m not only a virgin, but I’m ashamed to say that after freshman year of college I hadn’t had my first kiss.

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Throughout high school and college, I had always been the victim of bad timing with girls.I threw my head back and moaned as I squirmed in my seat.

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