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It's always a problem getting light into a mask like this, without blinding the Divegirl but, we know y'all just love to see their eyes and so ...... This one should specifically appeal to all those of you who love to see scuba masks flooding underwater also !It's our sensational Mermaid Elise, of course, wearing a figure hugging Osprey wetsuit, along with a modern single hose regulator, a cute little 'Hollis' dive mask and white dive fins. Performing our own little tribute to the wonderful Mermaids of Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida, we have our very own Most Magnificent Mermaid Elise ! It's a super old 'Nemrod Max Vue' scuba mask, dating back to the mid 1960's and offering 'Cinemascope' views to all who wore it ! Ama thinking that there's a few of y'all who sure are gonna like this one ?This is a superb quality video clip showing a fantastic young Aquawoman totally 'at home' under the water, a must for all Vintage Swim Girl fans ! In the recent Stills Gallery they were fighting but here, in good ol' moving pictures for y'all, they're just getting kinda real cosy !It's our Stunningly Scubaliscious Mermaids Elise and Porchia, showing just how good those young scuba gals looked, way back in the 1970's. Because we have soooooo much material on our website now, we've recently been having some server issues.Tabata, now Tusa and heralding from Australia, proudly state they are one of the oldest diving supply company's still around today.

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OK, so here's a little something for y'all heavy rubber diving fans - and we know there are lots of you.And here, at, is the only place that I know of where you can see this kind of scenario actually Underwater !