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This example came to us from its original owner, in its original condition, having never been opened up or previously serviced.

Although it was working, the movement was bone dry and the original rubber O ring case gasket had turned into a gooey black mess.

A global map from NASA of how Earth’s surface temperatures last month departed from the 1951-1980 August average. Note: part of Antarctica is gray because data from some stations there were not yet available at the time of this analysis.) Last month was among the very warmest on record, according to two new analyses – and the heat is very likely to continue.

With less than four months left to go in 2017, the year will probably come in as second or third warmest on record.

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NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies has found that last month was the second warmest August globally in 137 years of modern record-keeping, surpassed only by August 2016.The 1969 moon landing was still fresh in peoples minds and everyone had space fever.