Sql updating multiple rows from another table

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The check is: Upgrade Considerations This security regime is stricter than those in Oracle Database 10g, Release 2 (10.2) and previous releases. BIND_ARRAY(c, ':num_array', empno_array); DBMS_SQL. BIND_ARRAY(c, ':salary_array', salary_array); dummy := DBMS_SQL. NUMBER_TABLE; c NUMBER; dummy NUMBER; begin dept_no_array(1) := 10; dept_no_array(2) := 20; dept_no_array(3) := 30; dept_no_array(4) := 40; dept_no_array(5) := 30; dept_no_array(6) := 40; stmt := 'delete from emp where deptno = :dept_array'; c := DBMS_SQL.

As a consequence, users of DBMS_SQL may encounter runtime errors on upgrade.

*/ col_num := rec_tab.first; IF (col_num IS NOT NULL) THEN LOOP print_rec(rec_tab(col_num)); col_num := rec_tab.next(col_num); EXIT WHEN (col_num IS NULL); END LOOP; END IF; DBMS_SQL. It is never necessary to close and reopen a cursor before reusing it.

Preventing Inappropriate Use of a Cursor Cursors are protected from security breaches that subvert known existing cursors. Optionally, checks may be performed for every single DBMS_SQL subprogram call. CLOSE_CURSOR(c); EXCEPTION WHEN OTHERS THEN IF DBMS_SQL. CLOSE_CURSOR(c); END IF; RAISE; END; / DECLARE stmt VARCHAR2(200); dept_no_array DBMS_SQL. NUMBER_TABLE; indx NUMBER := -10; BEGIN c := DBMS_SQL. It is the language used to access data stored in a SQL database. For example, a table might have three fields: name, city, and state.With SQL, you can query your database in a variety of ways, using English-like statements. The table will consist of three columns: one for name, one for city, and one for state.Oracle lets you write stored procedures and anonymous PL/SQL blocks that use dynamic SQL. DEFINE_COLUMN(curid, i, numvar); ELSIF desctab(i).col_type = 12 THEN DBMS_SQL. COLUMN_VALUE(curid, i, namevar); ELSIF (desctab(i).col_type = 2) THEN DBMS_SQL. CLOSE_CURSOR(curid); END; / CREATE OR REPLACE PROCEDURE DO_QUERY(mgr_id NUMBER) IS TYPE Cur Type IS REF CURSOR; src_cur Cur Type; curid NUMBER; sql_stmt VARCHAR2(200); ret INTEGER; empnos DBMS_SQL.

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Dynamic SQL statements are not embedded in your source program; rather, they are stored in character strings that are input to, or built by, the program at runtime. COLUMN_VALUE(curid, i, numvar); ELSIF (desctab(i).col_type = 12) THEN DBMS_SQL.

colcnt LOOP IF desctab(i).col_type = 2 THEN DBMS_SQL. DEFINE_COLUMN(curid, i, namevar); END IF; END LOOP; -- Fetch Rows WHILE DBMS_SQL. colcnt LOOP IF (desctab(i).col_type = 1) THEN DBMS_SQL.