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10-Jun-2019 19:15

"It was surely an offer I could not refuse," Yola told from her home in central Israel.

"This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity – not only to serve my country, but to save thousands of Jewish lives.

The Mossad, the storied spy agency known for the secret capture of Adolf Eichmann and the daring rescue at Entebbe, was sent on a rescue mission.When the enterprise failed, the resort lay dusty and dormant... The resort – named "Arous on the Red Sea" – was tailor-made for the Mossad.Israelis with European backgrounds would pose as entrepreneurs from a Swiss travel firm looking to promote the woeful Sudanese tourism industry.Saving Ethiopian Jews presented a daunting challenge.

Sudan, a Muslim country and member of the Arab League, was a sworn enemy of Israel.Geography proved decisive to the solution: Israel and Sudan both have coastlines on the Red Sea.