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Sometimes I fall below the water and am afraid I'm not going to surface, but I do.

Again, ex's child care payments came in under the expected (and way under the court-ordered amount).

He opens the door, puts his arms around my waist, and pulls me in, kissing me hard. I tell him I’ll plan to arrive beforehand and can get dinner on my own.

“You’re always wearing so many layers to unwrap,” he says, taking off my jacket and starting to undress me. He leans over and kisses me, and I take his dick out of his boxers and put it in my mouth. We talk and cuddle naked on the couch until it’s time to walk to the music venue. As soon as we walk in the door he pushes me up against the wall, puts my hands over my head, and starts kissing me.

Ever since I started my health kick a few months ago, I’m always looking for new dinner ideas that are healthy and low on the carbs.

I no longer eat anything breaded or salted but I still don’t want to eat grass. Whether you’ve been living in the same house for two months or twenty years, it’s your home. For years I tried dieting, pills, exercising, you name it and I still never lost the baby weight. I give any man credit who wants to date a woman with children from another man.

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My ex and I met in college and were inseparable for years. I text John that it looks like it might be closer to . My heart is racing and I’m self-conscious about the way I smell after sitting in a hot car for hours, but I call him and tell him I’m in front of his building. We sit and watch the sky turn different shades of orange and pink behind the Manhattan skyline. I get a frozen margarita and it comes in a Mason-jar-looking glass. We’re on the dance floor and, just like last time, we’re the only people dancing. He says we need to get out of here right now before he rips my clothes off. Midnight We’re back in his room, making out on his bed.But then he began threatening to leave me during these arguments and saying nasty, terrible things. He tells me he has to get up early for a meeting with his advisor. I put my arm around him and he rolls over to face me, slowly rubbing my side.