Ubuntu 9 10 not updating from cd Live wepcams prn

16-Apr-2019 23:06

Then press is to gain physical access to the console menu or to access the web shell within the administrative GUI. As the system reboots, make sure that the device you installed to is listed as the first boot entry in the BIOS so that the system will boot from it.

This means that the Free NAS® system should be kept physically secure and that the administrative GUI should be behind a properly configured firewall and protected by a secure password. Free NAS® should boot into the “Console Setup” menu described in If the system does not boot into Free NAS®, there are several things that you can check to resolve the situation.

In Example 2.2b, the USB thumb drive is ) in order to write to the raw device which is faster.

The installer will recognize if a previous version of Free NAS® 8.x or 9.x is already installed, and if so, will display the menu shown in Figure 2.3e.If the installer recognizes that a previous version of Free NAS® is installed and you wish to overwrite the existing installation, arrow over to “Fresh Install” and press password which is used to log into the administrative graphical interface.