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As LIDGE moves into drydown, the individual notes merge into a beautifully orchestrated symphony, each note supporting and amplifying its fellow note. To my nose, LIDGE is a very complex, classy, refined, quality, elegant and mature scent. Where you fall on that scale will depend on your age and the place you currently are in your fragrance journey. In this one I do not feel greenish chords at the exit, however, I feel a resinous nuance of Elemi that brings me to the fresh clay, something slightly sweet and dusty. The opening is such that it may not be worth the wait for you. I have this lingering suspicion that it will grow on me, or that smelling it up close is not the way to appreciate it.If you are young and / or just starting out in your exploration of fragrances, you will probably not like this one. If you are older and / or have been on your fragrance journey for a while, you will love this one. Lockon, something wrong with your bottle or your sense of smell. this is the strongest and longest lasting perfume in my collection. Right in the center of the heart, the notes of Jasmine and Néroli give the air of grace, you can perceive a slight dirt in the middle of the white floral there, but the luscious and eminent feature of Anis still lingers here, and with that aspect also culinary which he may have, to refer to the cake dough, and which has just come out of a large batch, since the sensitivity of the "heat" it transmits at this stage is perceptible. About 40m-1hr, on my skin, before I get to enjoy the fragrance. But if you do manage to trooper it out and wait for the drydown, it will blow you away with class, sophistication, and a wonderfully blended professional aura. For compliments, men love the scent, but probably wouldn't wear it often personally. Perhaps more mature women may prefer it, but those around my age range certainly do not. I feel it may be a lot better smelling if you simply get whiffs of the opening while you move about, instead of closely smelling your skin, while the drydown works in either scenario.A sparkling intro with fresh citrus & anise, followed by patchouli, creamy sandalwood, a dusting of cocoa, and soft-focused warm earthiness- this is definitely a masculine with those seamless transitions typical of a Guerlain. اگر پول خوبی خواستید بدید واسه یه عطر درجه یک سنگین و مجلسی برای خودتون و یا خرید هدیه ارزشمند برای آقای 35 به بالا، با اطمینان این رو انتخاب کنید. Also, it's Guerlain, which is often synonymous with quality. I don't care about the perfumer politics, of which Guerlain has a lot of in that regard. This scent is very classy, and honestly rather timeless, both ancient and modern. However this is for a mature, older guy in a suit, paired with a classy older woman.I expected great things from this one, given how hyped up it was and still is. I also don't care how many other people like this, or what pedestal they put this on. It's bitter, smells off, and reminds me of oranges going bad. It's as if every note in this juice is screaming at you all at the same time. As if you mixed all the colours of playdough together and got a brown ball of "everything". Some say it's a love it or hate it thing, and compare it to Amen by Mugler. Younger guys can probably pull this off, but they probably would seem kind of odd wearing it, like it doesn't belong on them. Longevity: 6/10 Silage: 5/10 Projection: 2/10 Personal Appreciation: Ultra Zest from the grave/10 I wrote my first review of the "reform" version of LIDGE in December 2016. you know, the older I get, as the days go by, I start to realize how certain scents are in fact made for "Mature" and "Battle hardened" men.I brought the version after the vintage bottle from house of Fraser and then because I'm anal like that , went ahead and brought the vintage bottle from a place on Walworth road London.I would say that the vintage bottle is a bit more thicker and dense in all areas especially the longevity and projection ,so I'd wear it more in the colder months.

The perfume opens with notes of crystal citruses, star anise and elemi. This is dark chocolate, with dry cacao, dirty patchouli and blood orange attempting to ooze through the liquid chocolate that is being poured over it.Surprisingly, as a dark chocolate fan, I found this to be a fresh patchouli-driven scent with noticable (but light) anise & supple powderiness (not exactly "cocoa"), not overly masculine, and yes, a classic; however, it doesn't strike me as that interesting, and whoever started comparing this to Dior Homme (a completely unrelated iris-centric scent) needs to stop the abominable trend—The truth is, neither is chocolatey! For me this is more the thinker, the traveller and spiritual kind of guy type of fragrance. I had read reviews of LIDGE, but had not tried it at that point. Almost no dislikes, except those in the house of Guerlain.This was the one fragrance that made me interested in parfumes. To my nose the differences are not as significant as some reviewers claim. I immediately spotted the black rimmed bottle (at that point there was no vintage / reformulation option) and picked it up to sample it. But the bs about it's staying power..Update: After an hour the sillage drops on me, from six feet to two feet. But it stays there though out the day, and that's cool with me. This is really nice, gourmand-ish and refined indeed but not at all similar to A*Men. I bought the original version last time one year ago, and the stopper was already plastic, not the bakelite one (I still keep it) from the first edition.If YSL l'homme, Eros, and dior homme make me feel like tobby mcguire, LIDGE makes me feel like Sean Connery in James Bond! yeah :) sexy without being too sweet classy without being annoying conventional without being oldish the opening is different from the edt version as edt version open up with sour citruses and a little like sour tea.

this is open up witj punch of bitter cacao with the anise background.Neroli, patchouli flower, Indian jasmine and Lapsang tea are the heart of the composition, laid on the base of cedar, Mysore sandalwood, cocoa, patchouli and hibiscus seed. This is like a cherished desert made by craftsman in some old town European cold country.

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