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05-Jul-2019 21:21

Since I literally haven't updated this site in a year I thought I update you guys on how many cursors we have now.According to my logs, it says we have exactly 11,2000 cursors!This way I can concentrate on the website instead of having to worry about how much bandwidth you guys are draining everyday. We server over a trillion cursors since inception of this site.The new dedicated server will have 4 Cores, 8gb of Ram, Plenty of Harddrive space, and most important a lot of bandwidth.

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Check Godling-Studio's DA page as well, for other really interesting things. If you don't see the cursor images, it means that the DNS hasn't been updated on your end yet. I got a brand new server with more memory and way more bandwidth and speed.This month's favorite cursor is Bobblehead Bunny Cursor.It's a cute cursor of cute Rabbit created by an unknown person.I really didn't understand what D-Day was, but it sounded important so I said "Thank You" to Mr. Because of him and the stories that he shared with me, I began to learn about what our Veterans went through to protect our country.

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I learned about those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and I learned about those who never came home. Kridlo, the more Veterans that I met and it is through their stories, that they have shared with me over these many years, that I have learned.

The original artwork and cursor was done by l3al3ieoil.