Updating xp home to xp pro

29-Jul-2019 14:57

If you’re still using Windows XP, you should be making plans to upgrade to something that will be supported.We’ve already explained why it’s time to let go of Windows XP and what will happen when Microsoft finally stops supporting it on April 8, 2014. It doesn’t support modern hardware properly and it isn’t as secure as modern versions of Windows because it doesn’t have User Account Control and other modern security features.If you want to get a boxed copy of Windows 7 to upgrade to, you may want to get it online — boxed copies of Windows 7 are still sold on websites like Amazon, although you probably won’t find them in many PC stores.Windows 8: Windows 8 can be rather awkward on traditional PCs without touch screens, especially at first. It actually offers many desktop features that are an upgrade over Windows 7 and you can hide much of the new “Modern” environment.

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It’s even possible to install older versions of Microsoft Office on Linux.

Here is the link: ID.264954100I have two questions:1. Meaning when i build the PC and install my SSD / HDD, can I use this upgrade on an empty drive? If I can't do the above, I just found a Windows XP Home Edition key in my office storage, that is unused.