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27-Jul-2019 11:22

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Twenty-eight-year-old single mother Sadia Saleem made a point of not watching the television that night in the home she shares with her four-year-old daughter in Cardiff. Last month, they posed together for a glossy magazine to underline their love for each other and Sadia's insignificance in Mark's life.

She was happy to leave other women - most notably one of the show's judges, choreographer Arlene Phillips - to swoon over Ramprakash's boyish good looks and "sizzling" routines with dance partner Karen Hardy, and for his loyal wife Vandana to cheer him on from the sidelines. Sadia has always refused to discuss their affair, but wounded by its end and by what she sees as attempts to "airbrush" her out of the picture, she has decided to tell her side of the story.

Valdana had admitted her unreasonable behaviour after being served divorce papers in May, but objected paying legal costs.

Neither Mr or Mrs Ramprakash were in court today for the brief hearing, but released a joint statement earlier this year: 'They are both sad about this and are agreeing an amicable parting.

Kopylova was given the beans by a Mexican man weeks before she and her Strictly Come Dancing star husband got to the final of the World Masters - and she has carried them with her ever since.

Ramprakash, 37, also revealed that the weight had dropped off, admitting: "I'm shattered, very tired.

The couple, who married in 1993 and have two children, initially separated in December 2007 after trying to repair their marriage following news of the sportsman's infidelities.

The married ex-England cricketer, 37, never once danced with Sadia during their two-year relationship, preferring instead, she reveals rather bitterly, "to stand against the wall looking pretty". Sadia's relationship with Mark ended abruptly some three months before his newfound fame on the hit BBC programme after Vandana, his wife of 15 years and mother to his two young children, found her mobile number on his phone and confronted her.