Wall street dating spreadsheet

17-Jul-2019 03:32

Your parents are trying to match-make for you in the Caribbean islands? In an interview with today, spreadsheet guy said he feels the ex prospective lady friend owes him an apology for sending around the spreadsheet.

Maybe this obsessive compulsive dating disorder you have is hereditary. The “Dates of Message Communication” section is exceptionally creepy. Can’t you just imagine him texting you and then recording it in his Excel ledger? The story goes that this spreadsheet circulated because the author sent it to a female he was interested in.

( ) A data-driven investment banker kept a detailed spreadsheet of 12 women he was chasing — coldly ranking their appearance on a scale of 1 to 10 — only to see his master plan backfire when he foolishly sent the file to one of them. The compilation shows that Merkur was e-mailing, texting and dating several women at the same time in late March and early April. Cortney, a 24-year-old Chicago native, got a 7.5 in looks but lost points after she blew off a scheduled date.

That said, she only had positive things to say about him. "I never met him and I don't think he did something that bad.What did shock us, however, is that the guy had to audacity to send it to one of the prospects (who we then assume passed it on to Dealbreaker).Though, in his defense, the girl he passed it on to was ranked on the top of the list. This week, Dealbreaker got hold of a finance guy's meticulous online dating spreadsheet and all of Wall Street (and New York, for that matter) got a peak into how stressful the dating game can be in this town.

Some commenters (like us), called the spreadsheet creepy. Enter Liliana Beidaut, a 26-year-old makeup artist who got the highest rating on the sheet — a 9.5. I think he really liked the girl and he trusted her, so he sent her the thing," she said.

For his ladies, he kept meticulous text- message records under “dates of message communication,” documenting when he sent a message and when he received one.