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Frank Beddor tells the tale of Alyss Heart, who is heir to the Wonderland throne and must fight to avoid death by her Aunt Redd. Source: Good Reads What are some of your favorite YA books with kickass girls?

Jordan White and Amy Blue, two troubled teens, pick up an adolescent drifter, Xavier Red.

Together, the threesome embark on a sex and violence-filled journey through an America of psychos and quickiemarts.

An average, calm mid-20s girl named Veronica restarts her dead dating life all of the sudden, but with two guys: a sensitive failed writer named Abel and an airheaded drummer named Zed. See full summary » Smith's everyday life in the dorm - hanging out with his arty, sarcastic best friend Stella, hooking up with a beautiful free spirit named London, lusting for his gorgeous but dim surfer roommate Thor - all gets turned upside-down after one fateful, terrifying night.

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He told me he had hoped that wasn't too forward, but he'd really like to see me again.

She learns to read and shares books with the Jewish man hiding in the basement while surrounded by the terrors of war around them.

Source: Good Reads Gina Damico tells the story of Lex, a bad teen who gets shipped off to her Uncle Mort's.

The fabric and design seemed cheap on the budding actress.

Before the slut-shaming ensues, I want to say for the record that I absolutely did not sleep with 157 men. I was suddenly, and through no intention, the other woman. At the very least, it was a going to be a great way to meet a lot of people, make some new networking connections, and prove that I was going to be much happier on my own. I went out three or four times a week, sometimes I even doubled up (Gasp! There are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking you should trust your hypothalamus.Not every book for girls needs to be about finding love, right? That’s not to say they don’t have a love life, but a guy isn’t their whole world.