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26-Feb-2019 21:08

I think I'm actually OK with letting people that would be directly participating in a same-sex ceremony (like, say, a photographer) choose to not be hired.

It feels weird to compel people to be a part of such a personal ceremony when they wouldn't want to be there.

It was featured on the Palm homepage (well, its icon was :-) ), it won in the Palm Hot Apps competition (which came with 00), Palm gave away 5000 copies for the Touch Pad (and paid me for them!

), and it was featured in the short-lived web OS Pivot magazine.

(and would you really want to hire a photographer who didn't want to be there?

) But the further away you get from "individual person" (i.e.

4 commentsa few thoughts about Oblivion (with spoilers!

Reading that made me think: Hey, I do this to myself!

(in a bad way) I'm a pretty patient person most of the time, and I can feel unduly proud of that.

(specifically Christian morality, but this point has relatively little to do with Christianity per se) He says that if someone has a psychological condition that makes them deathly afraid of cats, the act of facing that person's fear and picking up the cat may show more courage than a healthy man who wins the Victoria Cross.

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(word of advice: don't search for "Victoria Cross") Conversely, someone who can appear quite nice may be that way only because of their heredity/upbringing and has never tried to be nice, and you should be judged on what you have done for yourself, not what you were born with.

She volunteered to martyr herself to save humanity, but Tom Cruise robbed her of that right, and now she has to live without him, which struck me as very very sad. Anyway, I usually like unexpected endings to movies, but I was pretty bummed about this.

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